Rehearsal Again.

We had rehearsal for Idle tonight. We first worked on this piece in February 2014 and performed it as a part of a residency designed by Erik Ehn at the Mathewson Street Theater. After our March 1 performance we had all kinds of dreams about working on it again, taking what we'd learned in that first enthusiastic process and building a play, but life sort of got in the way and we wondered if it would even make sense to pick it up later. Thank goodness that little voice told us to yes, do it, make a joyful and weird experience. Jumping back into rehearsal felt fantastic. So much of the material we'd made before will be useful compost for the play moving forward, and for sure the creative team is a joy. However, the stroke of genius that makes it REALLY fun to work on Idle right now belongs to Jed, who months ago proposed we take it out of the theater setting.

It all brings home a true true fact. The best thing about life intervening on art: returning to art.