Kamili Feelings
Kamili is a Philadelphia-based playwright and actor who conducts writing workshops and classes in drama, fiction, and African-American contemporary literature. He holds a BA from Temple University, an MFA in Playwriting from Brown University, and a certificate in Pedagogical Studies from LISPA. Kamili is a performer and co-creator of Enlightenment on E Floor North.


Nicky Mariani
A native Rhode Islander, Nicky is a stage manager and theater collaborator who works with Elemental Theatre Collective, The Wilbury Group, and AS220. She stage manages and well as writes and performs with the monthly variety show the Empire Revue. She is the stage manager for Idle and Sans Everything.


Jeremy Radtke
Jeremy is an educator and fabricator who has been helping Strange Attractor physically realize their fantasy universes since 2011, with If You Shoot a Boot You Might Get Wet and A Terrific FireJeremy was also the co-designer ofThe School House Long House for the RISD Museum.


Ana Mirtha Sariego
Ana is a Spanish theatre artist living in London and Madrid, working as a director, perfomer-deviser and puppeteer for companies in Spain, U.S.A and the U.K, and is co-founder of the London-based international company City of the Moon Theatre. A graduate of LISPA, Ana has also studied circus and dance with many amazing teachers. Ana is a performer and lead creator of If You Shoot a Boot You Might Get Wet.


Casey Seymour Kim
Casey is a Rhode Island performer and a resident artist at theGamm Theatre.  She is a long-time member of Improv Jones, and Providence Improv, which hosts the annual Providence Improv Festival.  She currently teaches theater arts at School One and Rhode Island College, and is a board member of theManton Avenue Project, which provides arts opportunities for elementary school students. Casey is a lead performer and creator of Idle.


Clara Weishahn
Clara is an Alaskan actor and director based in Providence, RI. She collaborates on theatre and opera productions in New England, Oregon, and Alaska. Locally she works with the Gamm TheatreWilbury Theatre GroupElemental Theatre Collective, Providence College, and Brown University. She organizes the Play Salon, informal readings in Providence living rooms, and enjoys cultivating the development of new works and interdisciplinary performance exploration. Clara received a B.A. in Theatre from Portland State University in Oregon. She is a performer and creator of Idle and Sans Everything.