Sans Everything

a brilliant, breath-taking and thought-provoking performance
— Phindie Review

Sans Everything explores a time so far in the future that humans have been replaced by disembodied intelligence. Set aboard a ship that invites the experience of traveling through the human life cycle, one embodied AI gets stuck on As You Like It. The resulting feud asks, how is humanity best expressed: through what we can do or who we are?

Set/Lights: Masha Tsmiring

Costumes: Rebecca Kanach

Sound: Brad Pouillot

Stage Manager: Eleanor Safer

Assistant Director: Tenara Calem

Created and Performed by: Aram Aghazarian, Roblin Davis, Katie Gould, Jed Hancock-Brainerd, Jenn Kidwell, Mason Rosenthal, Scott Sheppard, Clara Weishahn, and Alice Yorke

Director: Rebecca Noon

Lead Writer: Scott Sheppard


Photos: Johanna Austin,