School House Long House

We designed School House Long House to be a beautiful object on its own, greeting Museum visitors, letting them know they are in the right place, asking them to explore, prompting them to ask questions, and tempting them to come back for more.
— Jeremy, Jed, and Rebecca

School House Long House was a performance space designed by Strange Attractor specifically for the RISD Museum's 2013 show, Locally Made. The structure marries two traditional New England spaces of community sharing, borrowing their shapes, their philosophies, and their aesthetics. People know these old-fashioned buildings as places where performances happen, stories are told, dinners are served, lectures are given and knowledge is shared. Capitalizing on this sentiment allows for new visions to emerge.

Read more about how we designed the space on the RISD Museum’s Studio Notes page.

Designed by Jeremy Radtke, Jed Hancock-Brainerd and Rebecca Noon. 

Commissioned by the RISD Museum.