Enter Deep Space (but just for a week)


Our friends from Lightning Rod Special in Philly arrived Sunday night. Ever since, we've been working fast and furious on a show we might love, but have yet to get to spend significant time with. The short story is, a year ago we worked for a week on the piece. There's a lot we can do in a week, but we cannot make an entire play. We had a wonderful showing and went our separate ways, dreaming of space ships far into the future.

Life got in the way and now it's one year later. Thanks to RISCA, Roger Williams University, and Trinity Rep we've been able to enter the studio to work on Sans Everything again. Again, only for a week. How odd to work for one week a year on a play. Certainly not efficient, but you know, still fun. . . And amazingly we actually are getting things done.  (I know they look like they're napping, but they're practicing choral text. That's legit.)


I can't wait until we figure out how to be together even longer. . . We're working on it.