A Terrific Fire

I love my life with Dr. Wishniak because it is both lonely and interesting.
— A Terrific Fire

Part haunted house and part adventure novel, A Terrific Fire follows Dr. Wishniak, a Victorian mind scientist fraught with anachronisms, on his quest for wild living. As he leads the audience deeper into his psyche, new extremists emerge from the shadows, the theatre changes shape, perspectives shift, the guides are no longer trustworthy, and the journey gets personal. Using themes from Henrik Ibsen’s epic morality play Brand, A Terrific Fire examines the extreme nature of modern life and the ways that what you love will be your undoing.

Performed and Created by: Aram Aghazarian, Roblin Davis, Jed Hancock-Brainerd, and Rebecca Noon

Outside Eye: D’Arcy Dersham

Text Contributions: Adara Meyers

Stage Manager: Amy Beckwith

Lighting Designer: Ted Boyce-Smit

Photos: Shea’la Finch