Touring in the Eye of a Blizzard

In the grand tradition of amazing timing, we planned to bring our developing show Enlightenment on E Floor North to SPACE Gallery in Portland, ME. It was six months ago we devised this plan. At that time we had no way of knowing that the weekend we were planning, Feb 9 and 10, would be the worst blizzard in ten years in New England, the major path of the storm being everything between Providence, RI and Portland, ME. We left a night earlier than planned, thinking that that would be the worst of it. Little did we know that getting there wouldn't be the only problem. When you drive into the heart of a blizzard in order to perform a showing and teach a workshop, it turns out that people don't always feel safe about continuing with their scheduled programming. At this point the workshop is rescheduled to tomorrow morning, and we're not sure about tonight's showing. In any rate, we're warm in a pretty nice hotel, waiting to hear if we'll be able to do anything we'd planned on, doing our best to look at the bright side, and feeling dumb for not bringing swimsuits (because yes, there is an indoor hotel pool).

Here's us when we arrived Friday morning:


Look! A poster!


Beautiful lighting at the SPACE Gallery!


Our suits are hung!

Suits on the Wall

The sign looks so good in SPACE's party lights!

Green Sign


Blue Sign

Our lovely, fearless stage manager Becky, working out her sign moves.

Becky's Sign

And of course, here was us in the summer when we couldn't even imagine a blizzard.

Summer SPACE