guardz phase I

Aw, Pawtucket

Here is the space in which we began the whole guardz process - the Pawtucket Armory. There seemed to be an armory above every river drainage in Rhode Island. Some good ol' American history set in stone. Anyhoo, it was a great space to both create ideas within and propose a blank E Floor North - that is the floor in the museum that we have been assigned to guard, if you were wondering. And also where a little or a lot of enlightenment will happen for anyone adventurous enough to discover that gallery of space - or perhaps just get lost and end up there. Doesn't really matter how you get there, just so long as you eventually find it.

And then there was BeerFest - in which we discreetly gathered some great audio of drunken bacchanalia:

Our friendly neighborhood guard

I had a nice cuppa and conversation with our new friend Guard Gary Jones (not a guard anymore!) about Phase I. We interviewed Gary at the beginning of our process of rehearsing Phase I and his generosity in sharing experiences (including the incredible "Polyester Guard-Dog Blues" he wrote while on duty) influenced our perspectives. Great guy, great ideas - worked in both Portland and Seattle for the art museums and now a colleague and neighbor with my bro, W. Scott. Thanks for the conversation, G!