We are all home now. Home and away from each other, breathing that huge sigh of relief over good work done. We're home wondering about our next projects. We're planning for a New England tour of Enlightenment this summer, plus starting two new projects this winter, not to mention our constant hopes of continuing to work on Shoot a Boot with Ana in Spain.


But life is not just made of projects. From here in Providence, I can only imagine what the guys in Philly and Juneau are getting up to on a day to day basis. I know Aram is working on Team Sunshine's Sincerity Projectand I'm sure Roblin is busy with family and kids and teaching. But what do their days look like? What are those secret little obsessions and interests just blooming now? What are the thoughts percolating today that will grow and grow until we see each other again? I can ask them at our next company [google hang out] meeting, but you can't really know that stuff unless you arearound people -- not meeting with them, but just around.

For me, Jed has been acting at 2nd Story in Sons of the Prophet and we've both been spending a lot of time working on our house -- painting is next, plastering complete. I've been thinking about outer space, thinking about twins, making the plans to produce those shows. The School House Long House came down from the RISD Museum and tomorrow we are installing it in our back yard, which is daunting and exciting. I can't decide if we are geniuses or idiots.  I burned my fingertips on a candle two weeks ago and have been monitoring the blisters as they now turn to callus and then to finger. I am catching up on all kinds of Rhode Island Performance Exchange projects, and last night I tried to build a fire in our fireplace over the course of two hours. I never got it to light, but apparently madethe room very smoky and got depressed at my inabilities. I am creating a tour of Enlightenment, solidifying venues, applying for funding and I started running this summer, am still running, and am back in yoga.