How to Make a Play

As we sit on the night between one showing and another, I just wanted to share a visual cataloging of how we made Enlightenment on E Floor North so far. . . First we made this free-form open-jam list of what we wanted to be in our show:


Then as we actually improvised those phrases/words/ideas as images in the space over a couple weeks, we wrote notes about what we'd learned about the ideas:


After weeks of that, we started to accept that an audience was coming and so we needed to turn these explorations into something with an order and a little more structure; more concrete. We turned what we still liked into a list, using a shorthand to name the pieces that has organically occurred as we've continued to work on them (ie, "mess on a shiny surface" had been written on the first open jam piece of paper, we'd explored it as an image in the space, and now it becomes the name of a scene):


And then we put each of these "scenes" onto a notecard. We arranged and rearranged notecards into sequences that seemed like they could work -- never because of plot so much as rhythm, mood, feeling, and logistics. Then we tried those sequences and rearranged the cards into new sequences as needed, eventually landing on one long line of cards that essentially acts as a script: