Conference Hijinx with the Alliance of Artist Communities

Yesterday Jed and Rebecca spoke on the final day of the Alliance of Artist Communitiesannual conference. We were asked by RISCA to speak or present about our work for six minutes as a part of a collection of Rhode Island artists selected to represent the wide range of people working here. We are incredibly honored to be asked and were in very good company. These kinds of small talks can be difficult for us because we like showing our work more than talking about it and our work is always very specific to the city, room, and moment we are performing it in. Figuring out what we were going to do caused great distress between Jed and Rebecca for several days leading up to the big day. To make matters feel even more pressurized, we were asked to speak last, following Senator David Cicilline, NEA Chairperson Jane Chu, and award-winning playwright Ifa Bayeza.

We decided to start with a small mediation for the audience (which in part just helped us get centered) and then did a slideshow covering three of our shows with images from each development period, illustrating how one show grows over time. We weren't sure exactly how to end, but thought, well, could we ask the audience to do something? What do we need right now? What could we ask these people to do that would work with this venue and audience?

Here's what happened:

As you can see, lots of bigwigs think we're worth giving money to. Hopefully you'll join them with this effort.

See the Indie Gogo progress HERE.