Early this morning Kamili left for Philly and it turns out he's not coming back to PVD. He'd worked out a whole schedule with his part-time job at a library to travel back and forth between Providence and Philadelphia for the duration of the 5 week creation process. Last week when he went back, his boss decided that the schedule wasn't going to work and he wouldn't be able to perform in our showings in Providence and Portland, ME.

Needless to say, this is sad. Kamili has proven a vital performer and creator in this process. We will miss both his presence on stage and also his abilities as a creator and instigator of moments and scenes. However, it is not lost on us that we are making a play about work and Kamili can't play with us anymore because he has to work. We're going to try to incorporate his absence into the performance as much as we can, and look to the future when we keep creating in his home city. Also, it makes me want this show to become something that makes it possible for Kamili to actually be able to choose us over his job.

Anyway, here's all of us, our last night in Providence at Lili Marlene's.