When Your Company Lives Far Apart Your Exchange of Information Changes (Subtitled, D'uh)

We just had our first meeting since everybody left Providence. We've been emailing each other fairly non-stop, getting ready for a fundraising campaign, getting some grants together, putting the finishing touches on our plans for Philly, but tonight was the first time we made a date to meet on google hang-out to talk. Which is nice. Usually these end up being pretty long, but somehow this one. . . Well, maybe we'd just been spending so much time emailing there wasn't much to talk about. Or maybe we're still too in-the-middle of all the fundraising and finishing to actually stop and chat. Also, Aram forgot about it and was in NYC and so when you're one member down, it's never quite clear what you should and shouldn't talk about. . .

Anyway, my favorite part of the chat was that Roblin's son Arlo really really really wanted his dad to get back to playing Karate/Ninja games and so the background of our meeting was peppered with Arlo making loud Karate sounds. At one point Roblin asked him to be quiet and then Arlo paused. A few moments later these little whispered Karate sounds came through over the speakers. "heeeee-yaaaaaa." (whisper whisper)

I wish I'd recorded it for you or even taken a picture of this meeting, but alas, my mind was elsewhere. Instead, please enjoy this photo of a google hang out past.