Lead Artists

These are The Sea Pageant artists who have spent the summer teaching the piece to the ten groups assembled all over the state and figuring out the beach design for the day of. If there is a wizard behind any curtain, this might be close. 


Jed Hancock-Brainerd

I’m making The Sea Pageant because I’ve always wanted to make a performance for the sea. It deserves it. And we deserve to feel the joy of creating collective expression.
— Jed

Jed is a founding co-director of Strange Attractor. He is also a teacher, a performer, and has lived almost his whole life Newport. 


Rebecca Noon

I’m making The Sea Pageant to disrupt everything I thought I knew about making stuff.
— Rebecca

Rebecca is a founding co-director of Strange Attractor, and also works at Trinity Rep. Though she grew up in the desert and tundra, Rebecca has grown very attached to the ocean.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 12.04.51 AM.png

Casey Seymour Kim

I’m making a sea pageant: because of where we are
— Casey

Casey is an Associate Artist with Strange Attractor and a company member at The Gamm Theater. She is a teacher, director, actor, deviser, lover of nature, animals, big ideas, funny stories, and dear friends. 


Emily Shapiro

I am making a sea pageant because the ocean is worthy of our gratitude, joy and respect, and I want to celebrate it!
— Emily

Emily is leading our visual artist team and designing the physical space for the day on the beach. She also helped make some of the movements in The Slow Sequence. Emily is really good at making things look simple and beautiful and also is very in love with her kitten, Pino.