Q: What is The Sea Pageant?

A: A unison community dance and song made and performed specifically for Easton's Beach.


Q: When was The Sea Pageant?

A: On the afternoon of Monday August 21, 2017 timed with the rare solar eclipse that happened that day.


Q: Who performed The Sea Pageant?

A: 100 people of all ages and abilities from across Rhode Island, who created, learned, and executed unison sequences and songs.


Q: Where exactly did it take place?

A: Between the first two lifeguard stands on the beach.


Q: How long did it last?

A: About an hour, and it corresponded to the solar eclipse happening that afternoon and the tides.


Q: What time did it start?

A: Visual Artists arrived at 9am to start preparing the space. Group Members and Group Leaders arrived at 11am to meet and rehearse. At 1:30pm the piece started with a procession, and so did the eclipse. At about 2:30pm the performance ended, and at 2:47pm the eclipse reached totality.


Q: Was there any trash or disposable objects?

A: No. No props, glitter, confetti, paper mache, etc. It was a performance for the ocean, and we do not think the ocean wants anymore of our human-made products.


Q: Was there amplification?

A: No.


Q: Was there a set?

A: No. A small team of visual artists worked with the sand on the morning of The Sea Pageant. It was washed away by the end of the day.


Q: Was it good for kids?

A: Yes.


Q: Was it good for older folks?

A: Yes.


Q: Could I/my child/my friend/my mom have been in The Sea Pageant?

A: Yes. We found Group Members, Group Leaders, and Visual Artists and Day-Of Flash-Mob participants from many walks of life over the course of a year to participate. 


Q: How much did The Sea Pageant cost to see?

A: It was free for all audience members and approximately 15 of the participants were paid a stipend.


Q: Do you have any photos or video of The Sea Pageant?

A: We have videos from our rehearsals, and in the coming weeks/months will release more images of the final project. If you were there and have any images that you're okay with us using on future publicity, please email them to us at


Q: How was The Sea Pageant paid for?

A: We received funding from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, the Providence Athenaeum, and many generous individual donors. We also were supported with free rehearsal space from Trinity Repertory Company and Brown University.