Who Built This?

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The present inevitably becomes history, so we’d better pay attention to the choices we’re making today.
— Project Proposal Description

Starting with the central question, "Who built this?" Strange Attractor will offer a new tour to Lippitt House visitors in Providence, RI in the Spring of 2018. By using the central theme of labor, we will ask who built the house originally, who continues to build and maintain it; who worked domestically in the house and who continues to keep it clean; and who worked in the Lippitt textile mills and who works in the textile mills of today.

We will lead people through an experience that asks visitors to rely on their senses rather than a guide or actors, allowing them to see history as overlapping and multi-perspectived narratives, altered by interpretation, and ultimately affecting the way we live our lives today. 

Who Built This is developed with support from the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities.